The Boss

Chrissy Corner

Chrissy Corner is the Boss.  She has owned the business since 2011 having helped set it up from the beginning in 2009.  From Bladon Lines chalet-girl in Tignes ‘way back when’ to running a number of catering establishments, wedding and TV catering, all roads led eventually to Blue Sky.  Chrissy is the driving force that keeps Blue Sky three or four steps ahead of the game and makes sure everyone plays their part.  If she’s not at the Cafe she can be found plying her formidable mountain bike skills on the gnarliest trails.

The Head Chef

Matt Barlow

Matts enthusiasm for creating great food is matched only by his keenness for all things biking – an avid road biker (and can of course be found on Strava), he’s finally seen the light and bought himself a mountain bike.   He’s been at Blue Sky almost from the beginning and before that worked with Chrissy in a café in Llanberis.  Always up for a challenge and very much a perfectionist when it comes to food he’s constantly on the look-out for new tastes and dishes.  The twice yearly menu change is driven largely by his ideas and research.  Our challenge is to get him out rock climbing….

Our team 

working together

Teamwork is essential to the smooth running of a busy Café.  At Blue Sky the sense of belonging to the team is a standout characteristic amongst all of our staff. Much of this is down to a common love of adventuring outdoors on bike, foot, hill and cliff, by the sea, on the sea and in the sea.   We occasionally have days out as a staff and will often spontaneously decide to do outdoory stuff after work, particularly when the weather is nicer in the summer months. Each year we’ll all go away somewhere for a couple of days and hang out doing activities, eat well and drink merry.   Take a look at our photo gallery to see what we get up to.

Ant and the Beard of Gingerness

Lona the original and still going strong

Ian token Geordie


Tom ?hairdo



Charlie – Ginger once


Tilly – Pink