Echo Town

Date: Thursday, 18th October 2018
Time: 7:00 pm

Unfortunately Echo Town have had to cancel this Gig.  Those of you have purchased tickets online will be refunded by We Got Tickets.  Any tickets purchased at the Cafe please call by and collect your refund. You’ll need to bring your ticket along to get a refund

Echo Town, a duo consisting of brothers Ric and Robert Harrison who achieve a full band sound with just two pairs of hands. Instantly recognisable for their multi-instrumental performances and eclectic sound they mix the culture of the surf soaked South West with contemporary freedom songs.    Echo Town comprises of siblings Ric and Rob Harrison. Unable to fit these two harmonious musical warriors into a general genre, they can only be described as Rock/Roots with a Tribal twist, a band who light up the audience with contagious happiness and incessant energy, who alone, posses the ability to create a full power sound with only two pairs of hands.

An Echo Town show takes the crowd on a journey of exhilarating multi-instrumental genius, showcasing combatant fuelled drumming from Rob, on top of ethnic didgeridoo playing and lap slide guitar from Ric, all accompanied with poignant and mindful lyrics. Well known for creating a conscientious party of lyrical chanting, foot stomping, jumping in the air, and bare foot dancing from an elated and loyal audience.  Echo Town was truly born in 2015 when they moved to Cornwall from Northern England, after being inspired by the lifestyle and the surf. Whilst in the North in their younger teen years the brothers dabbled with progressive metal under the name Swamp Donkey. They soon discovered the stoke of surfing on the North-East coast which inspired a more natural and spiritual element to their musical sound, resulting in the renaming of Echo Town. After moving to the South-West in 2015 on a mission to spread their music further they were taken on by The Mojo Hobo Agency and released ‘Be Strong Troop On’ album in Summer 2016, following their release of ‘Come on Over’ in 2011, both of which were produced under Ric’s own label Wood Fire Ash Records. Since joining The Mojo Hobo Agency they have played top festivals and venues all over the UK and mainland Europe. They have had the opportunity to support bands such as My Baby (Netherlands), Xavier Rudd (Australia), Backbeat Sound System (UK), Ferocious Dog (UK), Dreadzone Soundsystem (UK) and Sound of the Sirens (UK). October 2018 is set to see a third release from Echo Town.

What others are saying:

“… As if John Butler’s lapsteel, Xavier Rudd’s social commentary and Jack Johnson’s catchy pop ideals have all been fused by the hands of two British songwriters.” Richard Cadence

“The ultimate festival band, Newquay-based brothers Ric and Rob Harrison get everyone dancing with their unique mix of slide guitar, djembe, didgeridoo and harmonica… a quintessential Cornish surfing soundtrack” – Cornwall Live

“Ric and Rob Harrison produce an avalanche of highly danceable grooves that put a big hippie smile on all our faces. They spread irresistibly contagious vibes, genuine love messages” –

“Echo Town makes strong riff-driven music with lyrics where the label ‘protest song’ might indeed have effect” – Blues Magazine Netherlands